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February 28th weekly update! Roundtown Gatling

Posted by CountMoxi - March 1st, 2021

Heya gang,

Hope you've all bee well.  It's been a busy week as usual haha  hope this but any let's get into things. 

The Neko Touch update is almost done, I wanted to get it wrapped up this week, but unfortunately in the oral climax, I realized I made a mistake way too late and had copied lot of frames with them same mistake, so I had to go back and edit them. To put it simply, the hair on her right didn't align properly with the hair on her left, so I had to go through each frame and edit it manually -_- but that's finally taken care of and now all I need to do is add her arms and their transition to a different pose later in the anim, make some of the secondary animation like her crown and hair a bit more impactful, and then animate her tail, which I should be able to stream line so it won't take too long. I'll post what I've done for the oral climax for $2 and up supporters in a separate post. I also made the icons for the gallery so in the update you'll be able to select which scene you want instead of having to play the butt touching mini-game. After I finally get all the art wrapped up, all that's left is to add the scenes in, implement the code, and then add the new Oral SFX. I'm hoping to wrap it all up this week. Sorry it's taken so long, but I won't stop working on it until it's finished! 


I also finished that Bowsette pic I showed earlier. I also added some flavor text  since  I want to try and do a bit more with these lol I've been trying to see how I can approach bigger canvas pieces, so I wanted to use this as a practice run before I began making the doodle page for the Sorceress. So I'll be making sketches of her as a warm up before I get working on Neko Touch for the day! 


That's it for now. I'll be continuing work on Mythra and Palace of the Goddess once I get Neko Touch DX out the door. If everything goes well it will be out next week.  Thank you for all your support as always and have a great week!



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I have a question though, will the Mythra animation get voiced once it comes out?

Yeah it will be voiced. I might also just release the parts fully voiced from now on since there's not as much as a deadline concern lol