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March 31st weekly update! Sentient Escapades

Posted by CountMoxi - March 31st, 2021

Hey gang,

Sorry this update is getting to y'all a bit late. Wanted to try and get as much done as I could for the week. I got quite a bit done, but there's still much to do. Speaking of, let's get into things.

Mythra's NNN

Mythra's NNN Part 2 is still trucking along. Unfortunately it's still not ready yet, but I've made a good dent in it and have cleared quite a few hurdles in it. I have the 3 breast groping loops laid out and now I just need to clean them up, adjust the lighting, and then complete the secondary motion. Then I have a bout 2-3 more loops after that, then it's just the transitions left. Sorry it's taking so long, but there will be quite a lot to it, so I hope the wait will be worth it.


Palace of the Goddess

I completed the anal loop edits and the splash image for the "lewd warning". Now I need to complete the anal climax, then turn around and complete the duo animations. Then I'll wrap up the bonus loops and climax for that as well. Was hoping I could get a new demo out before the end of the month, but still need to get work done on it. Since it's taken so long, I'll be releasing the next demo for $5 supporters that supported at least one time since last August. So you don't need to worry about staying supported if this was specifically the reason you supported. 


FF7 Miku's Gonna Cum

I made a small animated video with sound based on a Miku x FF7 meme I saw a while back. I want to get into the habit of making small videos like these for y'all, so I'll be trying to make something in between bigger projects. They'll be pretty simple, but I hope you enjoy them regardless. This video will be made public in about 2 weeks or so.


Booette Progress

I also did a bit of work on Booette, mostly cleaning up the BJ anim and then starting the process of redoing the colors for it. This is another anim I've had in the back burner for too long, so I want to make sure I'm working on it consistently to get it out the door. I also might expand it to add another scene where they actually fuck. It should go a lot smoother since I won't have to fix a bunch of problems like with the BJ. We'll see how things go.


l made a small set of Satsuki giving a handjob. Just a little fun idea that I might expand upon later.


Also got the new Mario game a while back and decided to make a small pic with Fire Peach and Rosalina as well as a double cherry variant.


I also made another small animated video with sound based on the "Are ya Winning Son?" meme but with Xenoblade characters. Just another vid for practice haha


It was also Fillia's birthday a few days ago apparently so I used that as an excuse to draw her haha


I also made a small doodle of a Femboy Zero from Mega Man Zero based on ZIZ's design. I like his style and how he draws Zero, so I might draw him a bit more. Especially since I want to start drawing some more femboys here and there haha You can check out ZIZ's stuff here: ZIZ's illustrations/manga - pixiv


I also made some doodles of Pyra for a small 1 page comic about her getting into smash and wearing tights. It shouldn't take too much time to finish hopefully.


Also laid out the doodles for the Sorceress doodle page. I ight do another one since I thought of a small story I could tell with her. We'll see how things play out.


Also finished an old animation of Mienshao shaking her ass based on SuniBee's drawing of her for a couple years ago. You can check Sunibee's stuff out here: (8) 🔞Bee (@BigHoneyGusher) / Twitter


Another ass shaking animation loop, this time featuring Tails. This one was inspired by ElChienito's design that gave him yoga pants haha you can find the tweet with the design here: (8) elChilenito on Twitter: "Ok, the "Tails with Jeans" idea was really good tho, but now... How about a "Tails with Yoga Pants"? https://t.co/smykmWkM0X" / Twitter


It was also Mega Man Battle Netwrok's 20th anniversary, so I figured I'd make a animation loop of Roll EXE giving a blowjob haha


Anyway that's about it for now. Honestly, I've been feeling much better about making pixel art but at the same time nothing I made has felt satisfying. After finishing Neko Touch DX, I felt pretty burnt out and felt like I could make much headway when I tried working Mythra and Palutena. So I figured I'd try to wrap up some smaller loops to give myself some momentum. I think it helped a lot actually and I feel a lot more confident in taking things from start to finish. I feel much better about going to sit down and work on things for a while where before, I feel like I would struggle to stay focused. Unfortunately, I still need to work on my project priority, but I feel much more determined to get things done and I'm more confident about working on these projects in the future. Sorry things are still in progress after so long, but I will work hard to make sure you enjoy these projects to the fullest. 

As always, thank you so much for your kind words and support and I hope you have a great week!




Special thanks for that mega love remembrance~