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June 24th weekly update! Lemons over the hill

Posted by CountMoxi - 1 month ago

Heya gang,

Hope you all have been doing well. This week has been much more hectic than I bargained for, and I ended up having to juggle a whole bunch of stuff. But I'll get into that later. For now, let's get into things.

Mythra's NNN 

So I cleaned and refined the lines and put the flats in for the 2nd tit fuck loop. Next is  putting  in the details, lighting, and the doing the secondary animation. So many loops for this part, and I still need to do the transitions between them -_- There's a lot more work involved for it, but I'll work to get it wrapped up some what soon.


I also added the Voice lines and music + SFX to the first part of Mythra's NNN. I also took the time to change some of the colors to make them easier on the eyes and make Mythra stand out more. It will be up for $2 and up Patrons now, and then I'll release it publicly at the start of July. Sorry it took so long but I hope you can enjoy it.  Pixie Willow did another fantastic job on it, so make sure you check out her other stuff too.


Palace of the Goddess

I got the 2nd cut in anim done like I mentioned a few days ago. I still need to do the word pop up, but after that it's basically done. I'll probably do one more of these basic anims and the the 3 will randomly pop up when she orgasms in the game. I wanted to get the 2nd tit fuck loop done too, but I was busier than I thought I was, so I'll have to leave that for next time. 



Also did more work on the lighting for the next Booette loop.



I also sketched up a quick drawing of Cynthia as I plan out what I want to do with her since she won the poll. I want to keep it as something small, but at the very least I want to make a few drawings for you all to enjoy.



Also working on finishing the 2nd YCH animation loop. Lot of secondary animation going into it, but I think it will look good once it's all wrapped up.


Any way that's about it for now. Lot of stuff that's wip, but making good progress on things. I wanted to discuss my current situation though, just so you all understand how things might change a bit going forward. Recently, my roommate damaged his leg and actually had to get surgery for it earlier today. Thankfully everything went well, but as you can imagine, having only one leg leaves him with a lot of things he needs help with. So I'm going to be busier than usual handling a lot of the chores and things like that around the house, while also helping him out. It's  probably gonna be like that for a couple of months while his leg heals up. I'm hoping it won't affect my work in the long run too much, but it's already left me pretty exhausted most days. But I'm sure things will work out well enough in the end. I'm going to try to get some stuff done this weekend to show for you all, but I might take the time to get ahead on things for the house, so I can free up time to just work on stuff. I'll keep you all posted on what I'm gonna do. 

Thanks once again for all your support and patience. Sorry this one took a while to get to y'all, but I hope you look forward to seeing things progress.

As always, you can support me on Subscribestar or Patreon!

Have a great week!



Comments (6)

Look at you go
The wait will all be over soon

We will stay for you pal..

Keep it up! Got the support and eyes of all who follow you! >:D

Also what's Palace of Goddess? :o

Palace of the Goddess is an animation focused game featuring Palutena from Kid Icarus

:> friewn

@zackyfappy @CountMoxi I see. And where do I find this master piece?

I'm still working on it, but you can play the demos by supporting my Subscribestar or Patreon!