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News: Ultra turbo liar extraordinaire Accent Core +

Posted by CountMoxi - 1 month ago

Hey gang,

Well looks like it's time to apologize again -_-

I'm sorry that I missed the Sunday deadline and I'm sorry that there's been so many delays in general. To explain what's been going on, usually I get back home and have a few hours to work on things. But for the last couple of months that has dwindled quite a bit due to some life stuff. So, I've been left either too tired or with too little time to do things. 

Couple that with some life problems, things have just been difficult. Still got job stuff and other general life stuff I need to figure out. I also had to deal with several problems from Ko-fi this week after they took down my ko-fi page and had a fee applied to several of my comms due to a contributor setting. So overall I lost about $100 from Ko-fi fees and now need to coordinate a bunch of refunds to get it back, since Ko-fi said they can't just outright refund it. -_-

But let's get out of CountMoxi's Complaint Corner. Y'all don't support me just to hear me complain about stuff. I REALLY hate not being able to get content more consistently to y'all. Especially since y'all are already too patient with me when it comes to a lot of my projects. And there's also been a lot of new supporters that I feel like I've made a bad first impression with. I actually pulled an all-nighter from Sunday to Monday, since I really wanted to get some stuff out to y'all. But unfortunately, I ended up hard crashing and definitely burned myself out. So unfortunately, I needed some time to actually rest. But I've also had the opportunity to reset and fix my sleep schedule, and I want to get things rolling again.

So I'm going to push the update back to the end of the month, most likely Tuesday, but I'll aim for Monday just for more wiggle room. And I'll try to cram as much work as I can into it since I should be free these next few days. I'll working on/wrapping up some comms. Working on Mythra NNN and Palace of the Goddess, and wrapping up some of the other mics pics I've been doing. I finished the 2022 Pyra Mythra Nia New years pic, so that'll be available for supporters and will be posted publicly in a few days. I also want to apologize for not posting publicly much recently. I have a few comms I still need to post, so I'll post those over the next few days. 

Anyway, I'm sorry things have been so slow here as of late. Been stressing out about a lot of things, but I can't let 'em stop me. So I will work hard to get you all some cool content. Thank you once again for all of your support. I will work hard to earn it.



It's fine. Everyone has their own situational things to deal and besides... We'd rather know what's going on than for you to go silent ya know? Just do what ya got to do and don't try not to stress so much on it alright? We support you all the way so do what ya gotta do.

Please, just take it easy. Nothing is worth stressing out over. Just get the project done whenever you feel like getting them done or cancel them if need be. Your health is more important. We will support any decision you make but please take good care f yourself!

Take all the time that you need, so as to not underdeliver. You can learn a lot from rushed and crammed projects like cyberpunk and battlefield 2042. With big titles from big companies screwing up that bad, i'm sure most of us would be more than understanding in regards to the value of patience behind a masterpiece.
Point is, relax. Take as much time as you need, as long as you will create a masterpiece it will be worth all the wait.

It's all good, take your time and don't burn yourself out. Even though you're just telling us what's going on we understand and we're glad that we're atleast knowing what's going on instead of silence.

dont push yourself if you need to rest, count.

we are here to listen to whatever you have to say. Be it complaints, your life, jokes, or progress on projects. you dont have to apologize for being delayed responses, we are patient. as long as we know you are alright, we will wait.

Please take your time and don’t stress out over it, your job is harder than what most people have to do so relax a bit

As much as we all enjoy your content please make sure that you take care of yourself moxi! Take as msuch time as you need and only work on this when you can without burning yourself out or straining yourself too hard! Please rest well <3