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CountMoxi's News

Posted by CountMoxi - October 19th, 2021

Hey gang,

Sorry the update is late yet again. I will post things as soon as I wake up after some sleep. I'll have some pics for you, but unfortunately the animations still need some more work. Sorry this month has been such a mess. A whole bunch of problems keep cropping up that has made work difficult. But I have a lot of stuff I want to get done for October, so I will work hard. Thank you as always for your support.


Posted by CountMoxi - October 17th, 2021

Heya gang,

Sorry for yet another delay, but I'll have to push the weekly update to Monday. Still have a few things I want to try and wrap up and I'm not sure how much time I'll have to be able to work on things on Sunday. This will be the last delay though, so whatever I don't get done, I'll just show you all as a WIP on Monday.

Thank you once again for your support and Patience. And I hope you have  a great weekend!


Posted by CountMoxi - October 1st, 2021

Hey gang,

Hope you've all been well. Been busy myself, just trying to catch up on things mostly. 

Speaking of, I want to take the time to apologize to anyone that has ordered an animated comm from me over the last couple of months. I've been way too slow when it comes to making them and I will be placing a stronger emphasis on them going forward so that I can get them out to you soon. Thank you for your support, and if you have ordered a comm, you should be hearing from me soon with a preview or progress of your comm. 

Actually I want to talk a bit about animation as a whole when it comes to my work. I think I've been trying to make things "too perfect" when it comes to a lot of my work, and I think my animation and games has suffered the most from it. Often I find myself getting into a project and then thinking "Darn, I'm not as good at this as I thought. Maybe I can make a smaller project so I can get some experience first. THEN I can come back to this with a bit more knowledge". But in reality, that just leads to me starting a stopping a lot of things. As a result, my backlog has become disgustingly long, and honestly the amount of stuff I DON'T show you all has drastically increased too. I already kind of struggle posting wip shots, because with pixel art, it often just looks like a mess until I clean it up. But since a lot of these projects I've started don't have a specific deadline because I haven't shown it, I tend to hide it away until it's almost complete. That way I won't show you guys something that I won't finish any time soon. Something that I've already done too much.

I'm going to start taking steps to move away from this kind of mentality for the future. Frankly I think it's just a discipline issue and me being addicted to starting projects and then trying to "speed run" them until I eventually run out of steam and drop it. I feel like I always approach longer form projects (animated movies and games) the same way I do with smaller projects (pin-ups and loops). Kind of off the cuff with a loose plan, and I tend to end up adding things that weren't originally planned to "maximize the idea". But obviously with bigger projects, all those smaller edits tend to escalate exponentially, drastically increasing the time it takes to finish the project, in comparison to smaller projects.

For example, for Mythra's NNN, there was originally just going to be one loop of putting lotion on her tits. But I thought it would be better to have a few loops to really break up the time and show some more intimacy. I ended up doing 3 tit groping loops total, with a few other loops putting lotion on her belly and thighs. But for each loop, since it's all one shot, it needs a transition TO and FROM that loop, which drastically increases the amount of animation required. I feel like I often make this mistake, addicted to having a BUNCH of animation at the expense of the time it takes to make. Especially when I spend a lot of time on very small things that I feel like most people don't even care about.

Going back to Mythra part 2, I've spent a LOT of time on things like her hair moving consistently for all the loops. And once I spent all the time and look at the finished project, I can't help but shake the feeling that "No one is looking at this hentai animation to see if the hair physics are consistent" haha. And I think those thoughts, across so many projects that I've started and stopped, that were all announced months ago but are nowhere near being close to finished, really starts to erode my confidence as a creator as a whole.

I guess it really just boils down to me "indulging" in animation a bit too much and being too novice of a director when it comes to these animations. I think that's why so many of my projects tend to stall out, and frankly it isn't fair to all of you that have been supporting me all this way. So I'm going to start learning how to make animation shorts, project management plans, ideas, and strategies, and director skills like taking something from an idea to a finished product. I don't want to keep stumbling and bumbling through all my projects, you all deserve better than that, so I will put the effort in to ensure I am properly earning all of you support. Thank you for your patience with me. 

The main reason I'm bringing all of this up is mainly due to how I've been handling the animation commission orders I've received. They've really opened my eyes to how poor my approach to bigger projects are, and I want to make sure I'm getting the content that they paid for to them in a timely manner. I'm going to start first with just planning out my projects better overall. I often keep my pixel art app (Aseprite) running in the background with dozens of tabs open, each relating to another project that I'm "working on". And obviously, me trying to juggle so many things just isn't going to work. So moving forward, I'm going to limit myself to 1 tab at a time. 3 at the absolute max. That way I can just sit down and know that for the next hour or so, I will be working on this ONE thing and can make more consistent progress on it.

Then, I will start breaking down all the things this project needs and give them deadlines. My old approach was basically just story boarding things out, and then hoping I can pull it all together at the end. But that approach is way too unfocused and doesn't account for my error, so I want to have more strict planning overall. It's also why my deadlines tended to never be accurate. These deadlines will help though, as they will help me keep track of what things are taking too long and I can also put an explanation of why something needed to be delayed if needed.

I'll be doing more research and seeing what ideas and strategies I can incorporate in order to be a more consistent creator and understanding my limits when it comes to bigger projects. Once again I'm sorry all my projects take so long, but I truly value each and every one of your support and want to make sure that I am properly earning it.

Geeze that ended up being a lot longer that I thought it would, sorry for prattling on like that haha let's get into the content for this week:

 Mythra's NNN and Palace of the Goddess

So I spent most of the week working on animated comms, so I didn't get as much work done on Mythra and Palu, but I worked on the transition from the 1st and 2nd tit groping animations more. Mainly doing the lighting for the breasts and hands and cleaning up some of the lines so the animation flows better. I also did the lighting for the first cut in for Palu. I wasn't sure if I wanted to add lighting to the "inside" of her hair, but I think it looks better this way. I still need to clean it up a bit though so it's smooth. So that's up next on the chopping block.



I also spent a lot of time working on animated comms. 

I finished the comm of St Louis for Moparmudder


The next anim comm will be for Plantanote of their OCs


I also did the base animation for some of my other animated comms, but they're still very rough. But I should have more to show soon. I should also get the animation laid out for the rest of the animated comms in the next couple of days.

I also did a doodle page of the Red Landsknecht from Etrian Odyssey for some practice. I'll probably draw some more femboys in the future, but I'll always tag the posts just in case they aren't your thing.


Anyways that's it for now. Gonna take a small break and then get back to work on comms. Gonna spend time working on project management like I mentioned earlier. I'm not sure how much work I'll be able to get done over the weekend, but I'll let you all know how things go.

As always you can support me on Subscribestar or Patreon.

I hope you all have a great rest of the week!



Posted by CountMoxi - September 22nd, 2021

Heya gang,

Another mini-update this time around. Sorry these have been so sporadic as of late. Got a lot of larger projects in the oven and things are just taking a bit longer than I wanted. Going to spend the rest of the week trying to finish some animations and animated comms for you all, as well as more progress on Mythra's NNN and Palace of the Goddess. So hopefully things go well. But I have a few misc things to show you know, so let's get into things. 

Gardevoir Unite doodle page


Froslass doodles


Stuck Butt Comms

- Estelle for MikaMika


- Mika for MikaMika [Futa]


- Microwave-san for JesusCh


- Tiffany for NopexNopexK


Anyways that's about it for now. Going to handle some life stuff today to make space for the rest of the week, so hopefully I'll get some good stuff to you all Sunday. If everything goes well I should have some animations to show you all.

As always you can support me on Subscribestar or Patreon.

 Thanks again for all your support, and have a great rest of the week! 



Posted by CountMoxi - September 19th, 2021

Heya gang,

Got a lot of life stuff I need to get wrapped up tomorrow, so I'm not sure how much work I'll be able to do. So I'm gonna push the update back to Monday just in case.

Thanks for your patience and have a good day! 


Posted by CountMoxi - September 17th, 2021

Heya gang,

Sorry things have been delayed quite a bit. I still need time to work on a few things since life stuff came up that I still need to take care of. But I wanted to get a small update out to you all and let you know what I've been up to. So let's get into things

Mythra's NNN

Still doing the transition scene from the first breast grope loop to the 2nd. Mostly cleaning the lines, the arms,  and finishing the lighting for the tits. Once that's done I'll make the transitions for the other parts of her body like her face, hair, and arms so things remain consistent. 


Palace of the Goddess

Worked more on the 3rd tit fuck loop. Also going to try and get the cut in animations and the other Goddess Offering loops worked on too



Finished a comm for JxBermudez27 and also worked on some other ones, but they are still wip. I don't want to fall too behind on these, so I will place in emphasis on them in the coming days.



Finished some other drawings too

Sweaty inkling doodle page


Pyra butts doodle page


A Shinobu Kochou doodle I might do more with later. Trying a black and white manga style with this one.


Anyway, that's about it. Gonna try and get some animated commissions done and some more stuck butt commms done since I've had some more order for those as well. And then some more work on Mythra and Palutena if I can. Sorry once again for the weekly update delay, but I hope you look forward to the next one.

As always you can support me on Subscribestar or Patreon.

Have a great weekend!



Posted by CountMoxi - September 14th, 2021

Hey gang,

Just letting you know I'm pushing the weekly update to Wednesday. I have a lot of things I'm trying to wrap up, so I just want a bit of extra time to do so. I should have some cool stuff to show you though, so I hope you look forward to it!


Posted by CountMoxi - September 12th, 2021

Hey gang,

Just letting you know the weekly update will be coming Monday. Just want a bit more time to work on things. 

See you then!


Posted by CountMoxi - September 6th, 2021

Heya gang,

Hope you all have been well. Small update this time around. Mainly want to just let you all know what I'll be working on this upcoming week. So let's get into things.

 I did some more work on the transition between the first and second breast grope animations. I think I got a good motion for it, so I'll be working more on it until it's finished.


I also didn't like the face in that last Pyra pic I posted, so I spent some time fixing it. I think I tend to make the heads of my characters a bit too small, so I want to try and fix that in the future.


I also worked more on the Palace of the Goddess cut in's but nothing too significant. But I should have more solid progress to show you all next week.

Anyways, that's about it for now. I will mainly be focusing on Mythra, Palace of the Goddess, and then working on commissions. I'm planning to try and make enough content to be able to post something publicly every day , so expect some smaller sketches and maybe some doodle pages in between things. I already have a bit of a buffer, but I want to keep up the momentum of things.

As always you can support me on Subscribestar or Patreon.

Thank you for all your comments and support as always, and I hope you have  a great week. And if you celebrate labor day, I hope you have a great one as well! 



Posted by CountMoxi - September 2nd, 2021

Heya gang,

Sorry for the radio silence for the month of August. I've been struggling with some life stuff and some struggles with my art and it's direction. Been having trouble keeping my confidence up on things lately. Ugh, everything is taking so long to make. Sorry for the wait as always, but I'll try my best to get things to you all sometime soon. But anyway, let's get into things.

 Mythra's NNN

Still working on this big thing. Geeze it feels like I've been staring at Mythra's tits for a year now as I try to get this thing animated. Hmm, how long has it been since I finished part 1? *Checks* Oh. Well that's kinda depressing. I still remember when I thought I could get this whole thing done before November ended last year lol Ugh, I always underestimate how long it takes for me to finish these things. But at least I made some progress on it since last time:

- I cleaned up the 1 tit fuck loop and added some more secondary animation to make it flow better.

- I added a bunch of small details to the 2nd tit fuck loop and it looks much better imo

- finished the first transition from the thigh and belly rub, to the start of the tit rubbing. 

- finished the transition from the double thigh rub to thigh and belly rub

- Laid out the transition for the tit grope loop 1 to 2

The things is still moving a lot slower than I want. I always forget how difficult it can be to work on big project's like this and it's hard to fight off the feeling that all of this animation isn't actually worth it. I feel like I can work on it all day and barely make any progress on it. Especially since it's all one shot with an angle I don't normally do. The transitions are especially kicking my ass. Not only is it hard to find a good motion for them sometimes, but some mistakes I made earlier, like having the breast size in the first and 2nd tit grope loops too different, have made it so I either need to fix the loop, or try to fudge it in the transition. Hmm, I'm sure how I'll correct things as of yet, but I'm sure I'll figure things out and I'll keep you all posted on how things go. 


Palace of the Goddess

Got a decent amount of work done on this.

- I fleshed out all the hair movement for the cut-ins

- I animated the 3rd cut in

- I started animating the 3rd tit fuck loop

- Started animating the 3rd idle loop for the Goddess Offering

Gonna keep working on the cut in animations, and then finish the 3rd tit fuck loop. Once that's done I'll work on the climaxes for each one. I think it will be better for each loop to have it's own climax, rather than just a general one. I'll let you all know how things go. 







Also got a few commissions done

- Akiza Handjob for Reign-Beaux


- Stuck Butt Benihime for Powergem + bonus shot



- Balloon Girl 1 for CdrMcNeil


- Balloon girl 2 for CdrMcNeil


- Aiyoku for Cardea Vjei


- ST. Lois Progress for Moparmudder


- Zapphira progress Plantanote


Need to dedicate more time for these animated comms. They're taking too long, so I want to make sure I stay on top of them so people get the content they paid for.


Also did some other things, mostly to wrap up some older stuff just to get some things finished 

Finished an old anim of a pic Borvar did of Dahlia. Liked the concept, so I figured I'd try to animate it.


Tori butt and belly grope 4-frame mini animation for practice


Angela Booty wiggle sprite remake. The new remake of Trials of Mana took this animation out, so I thought it would be fun to remake it


Filia and Fukkua image set. Wanted to draw these two more, so I finally finished this set.


Pyrelief image set mock up. Had an idea of meeting up with Pyra after a stressful week, so I might make an image set about it sometime later down the line. 


Midna antics. Did a small doodle page of Midna. Gonna try to add more dialogue and story elements to my pics to give them a bit more flair


Anyways that's everything for now. Sorry once again that there was such a long gap in content and an update. Have just been dealing with a lot of things that have been knocking the wind out of me. Honestly, I'm just grateful to have all of your support. If I'm being fully transparent, I'm not sure why you have all decided to support my work when there are so many better artists out there. But I'm am truly grateful for it regardless. I will do my best to get things figured out so I can deliver the content you all deserve.

I will be busy this weekend, but I'll try to get some content for you all out by Sunday. 

Also I apologize for not publicly posting much recently. I want to see if I can shift to daily posting on places like twitter and Newgrounds, and I'll also try to start posting on Pixiv again, even though censoring can be a bit of a pain. But expect some smaller scale sketches as a result.

You can support me on Subscribestar or Patreon if you chose to do so.

Anyways, Thank you once again and I hope you have a great rest of the week.