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CountMoxi's News

Posted by CountMoxi - August 16th, 2021

Hey gang,

Sorry for the delay on things. I've had to deal with a lot of stuff I've been putting off and it hasn't left me much time to sit down and work. I'm going to take this week to just get all the life stuff wrapped up before it gets any worse. Sorry again for all the delays,  but I'll make sure to have something whipped up by next Sunday.

Thank you for your support as always.


Posted by CountMoxi - August 10th, 2021

Hey gang,

Gonna  need more more day to get things wrapped up. Ended up being a lot busier than I though I would on Monday and I'm just now getting back from things. 

Mainly I want to finish doing some lighting work on both the 2nd tit fuck loop and transition anim for Mythra. And then also finish the 3rd orgasm cut in base for Palace of the Goddess and the hair animation for the other ones.

Sorry for all the delays as of late. Just have been juggling a lot and want to at least give you something to enjoy for these updates. So I'll try to get everything wrapped up soon. Hope you look forward to things.


Posted by CountMoxi - August 8th, 2021

Heya gang,

Just letting you know the weekly update will be coming out most likely late Monday/ really early Tuesday. Have a few things I want to see if I can wrap up for this week's update, but I have  a few chores I need to get done today, so idk if I'll have the time to get everything done. Though I don't want the update to get pushed back too much, so it'll be coming out sooninsh.

Hope you look forward to it!


Posted by CountMoxi - August 1st, 2021

Hey gang,

Hope you've been well since last update. Sorry this took a bit to get to you all. Things have  been a bit hectic. I didn't get as much done as I wanted to this time around, but I still have some things to show you, so let's get into it.

Mythra's NNN

Spent more time on the first breast transition. I wanted to get more done on this, but things still need  a lot of work. This part is meant to feel the most intimate, so I'm spending a lot of time on the small stuff, but the project has also taken too long. So I need to evaluate how important those small details are compared to the time it's taking to put them in. Sorry it's taking so long, but I hope you will enjoy it when it's all finished.


Palace of the Goddess

Kind of a similar situation that Mythra's NNN is in. I spent the most of my time working on the orgasm cut ins and seeing how fast I could animate the hair. I think the overall effect is nice, but it's also a matter of time vs quality, because the project is already majorly behind as it is. I still have a lot to do on it overall, so I'm not sure if it's worth it to animate the hair for all the cut in's. Let me know what you all think. Beyond that, I'm going to start working on the 3rd tit fucking loop and then I'll work on the climax animation.



Got some stuck butt comms done and some other comms done as well. I feel like I'm falling behind on my animated comms, so I'm also going to place an emphasis on that too for next week.

Origa for FlutterPls


Succubus for Lancaster Succubus


Tomoko for BadLoserKei 


Larxene tittes for Klix


Akiza Handjob wip


Ballon Cat Girl wip


Doodles / Misc sprites

I also did a lot of misc doodles and speed sprites and finished some older things as well.

I finished that Celica doodle page I showed a while back


I did some pixel translations of some of Tsuji Santa's work since I wanted to draw some Super Pochaco and like some pieces they did. 



I also did a small boob focused animation of a succubus just too see what I could do with a lower frame count (4-5) in about an hour or two. 


Made some doodles of Pyra as well since I've been wanting to draw her again. I've had a few ideas come to mind with her, so maybe I'll turn this into a small image set. We'll see what happens.



I also have been having some fun drawing some inklings. I still need to finish the sweaty Inkling doodle set, but I made another page featuring an Inkling with a fat ass, so I hope you enjoy that one. 



And then I finished up the old couple of Mipha doodles I started a while back.



Just want to talk about some stuff on my mind lately. July has been a very hectic month and it's had  a lot of ups and downs. And due to some circumstances that happened, it left me felling pretty negative for a lot for the month. Unfortunately for a while I relapsed into an old addiction I had. It's nothing major for my health, so don't worry, but it did drain  lot of my time and money and just ended up leading to more stress down the line. That, coupled with me feeling like I keep stagnating with my art and never learned how to do things properly, has made me lose confidence in my art and has made animating difficult, That's really why I spent the last week and a half working on doodles and pin-ups more. I want to have better posing, lighting, composition, and more knowledge overall of how I can convey the human body in my work. I feel like I often skimp on doing my animation properly and consistently and instead just blow up the proportions and rely on "big booba" to make things look good. So I've felt pretty unsatisfied with my work overall. My backlog is disgustingly large because I start and stop so many things and then run out of steam. And there's so much work I still need to do for subscriber and patron voted content as well as old projects that I've failed to deliver. Especially when it takes me so long to get things done because I lack the discipline to focus on one thing at a time. But if I can recognize these mistakes, I can at least start taking the steps needed to correct them. I will make sure to try my best and deliver good content to you all.

While I'm on that note, I want to thank you all for your support.  Not only the support on Patreon, Subscribestar, and social media, but I've received a lot of commissions as well. It really helped bail me out of a lot of the problems that cropped up during the month of July. I'm very grateful for you interest in my work. I'm truly lucky to have you here and I will do my best to make content for you to enjoy.

Anyways, that's all for now. I'm going to take tomorrow off, and then will take next week to work on Mythra's NNN and Palace of the Goddess. As well as knock out some more commissions.

You can support me on Subscribestar or Patreon

Thank you for your support as always and I hope you have a wonderful week.  



Posted by CountMoxi - July 31st, 2021

Gonna wrap up the weekly update when I wake up. Just need to finish 2 or so more things but I'm too tired to finish them now. Sorry for the wait.


Posted by CountMoxi - July 28th, 2021

Heya gang,

So I still have a few things I want to wrap up for this week's update, but since we're so close to the end of the month, I figured it would be better to combine this week's and next week's update and release a big update on Friday. 

I hope you look forward to it!


Posted by CountMoxi - July 25th, 2021

Heya gang, just letting you know the weekly update will most likely be coming Monday or maybe Tuesday at the latest.

Hope you look forward to it!


Posted by CountMoxi - July 20th, 2021

Heya gang,

Shortish update this time around. Wanted to wrap some misc stuff up this week, but I'm gonna need more time to get things done, so this update will be a bit more of a tempo update as I try to get some things wrapped up for the end of the month. Anyways, let get into things.

Mythra NNN

Working on the transitions more. I want to make Mythra  a bit more expressive during these and show how she feels during all the loops.  These still need a lot of work, but I'll keep at it.


Palace of the Goddess

Spent some time kind of refactoring some of the older art. Mostly going to animate the poses in the Goddess offering portion of the game. A lot of them are going to be mostly animating the hair, but I think it will make the game feel more lively overall. They're all still pretty wip, but it should give you an idea of how they'll look. Also started animating the hair for the first cut in and also text in the 2nd cut in.




Also got some commission work done this week



Anyways that's it for this week. Things are going slower than I wanted. Just have to juggle a few life things for the next few days, but hopefully I can still get some stuff out for you all before the month is up. Gonna try to eat and sleep better too since I've been low on energy the last couple of days and haven't been doing either well enough recently. 

You can support me on Subscribestar or Patreon

Thank you for the support as always and I hope you have  a great week.


Posted by CountMoxi - July 18th, 2021

Hey gang,

Just letting you know the weekly update this week will be coming late Monday or really early Tuesday. Hope ya look forward to it.


Posted by CountMoxi - July 13th, 2021

Hey gang,

Was a bit to busy this week, so I missed the update Sunday. But  that stuff's boring, so let's just get into the update haha

Mythra NNN

I began working on the transition animations this week. Mainly the transition where you begin to grope her breasts. I want the animation to be a bit slower and really build the anticipation of it. It'll be quite a few frames, but now that I've laid it out, it shouldn't take too much longer. Once I finish that, I'll begin working on the other breast grope transitions and finish the simpler ones like the transitions between the animations of the hands rubbing her thighs and belly. 


Palace of the Goddess

Also fished the 2nd tit fuck loop for the most part. Might go back and touch up a few small things here and there. But I'll be moving onto the 3rd one, and then will begin the climax for it. I've also begun work on the 3rd pop in for when she climaxes during the Goddess Bedroom portion.  I think I might go back and animate the hair a bit better for the other cut ins. At the moment hey feel a bit too cheap, so I want them to be a bit more expressive. 




Focused on getting Commissions done this week too. 

Almost done with a pin-up commission for JxBermudez27 of their OC's Princess Toot and Go


Also got the basic layout for the animation for Moparmudder of St. Louis giving a paizuri 


I also will hopefully wrap up another YCH stuck butt pic later tonight of Haydee for Reign-Beaux. I'll probably make a post of it tomorrow when I wrap it up.


Anyways. that's it for now. Just a bit of a short updates this time around. I'll keep plugging away at these until things are wrapped up. Thank you so much as always for your patience and your support.

As always, you can support me on Subscribestar or Patreon!

Have a great week!